I spent the weekend staining, nervous even after the samples, and I think it came out absolutely beautifully. I’ll need to do a little bit of touchup on the teeth (they broke, were glued back together, and the stain wouldn’t take there. Need to sand that a little more I guess.)

Here’s the whole thing, and pictures just don’t do it justice. I’ll have to take some better shots soon, and some black-lit shots to showcase the dial with the new stain job once it gets darker:

Red Oak stain for the entire outer body.
Espresso stain for the inside of the box and the inner mouth. The votes were really close on that, and I figured the brown is more ‘clock like’, to me this is a clock first and foremost, I still got the darkness I need, while keeping it ‘wood color’…


Closeup of the face:


And the body REALLY benefitted from this. The pendulum looks amazing now and the shadows cast within the box make it look a whole lot darker and more foreboding.